Elemental Method

A healing method with unique elements:

  • Providing a needed element: Air(Inspiration), Earth(Embodiment), Water(Receptivity), and Fire(Assertiveness)
  • Creating the possibility to release pain by accompanying the client in carrying part of their burden
  • Working with the Energy of Love through many different modalities, including Communication, Energy Work and Hands On Healing.
  • Eliciting the body’s natural mechanisms for healing
  • Restoring The True Self or Original Self

Love Energy

As a healer, David works primarily with Love Energy regardless of the techniques being used. He utilizes communication (verbal and non-verbal), energy work, and hands on healing in his work. The source of the Love Energy that David works with is often referred to as ‘Spirit’, ‘God’, or ‘The Universal Energy.

Burden Sharing

David is unique as a healer because he is able to join together with his clients to move through the client’s burdens. Pain too overwhelming to feel alone can be ‘felt together’ and so discharged, for example. This ‘shared suffering’ technique of David’s represents David’s appreciation that the two parts to every problem are the problem itself and the isolation that the individual with the problem feels in regards to the problem.

David has repeatedly seen how with his psychospiritual companionship clients’ long-standing issues swiftly resolve. Illnesses disappear. Addictions are made dormant. And despair turns into joyfulness.

Natural Mechanisms for Healing

David feels that the body’s natural mechanisms for healing are elicited through his work. Health is the natural state of the organism. Emotional or physical illness represents deficits of an individual’s inspiration, embodiment, assertiveness or receptivity.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Being the founder of the Elemental Method, which David has taught in the United States and Europe, David helps each client in a unique way to restore their capabilities of bringing each of the four elements, Earth (embodiment), Air (inspiration), Fire (assertiveness) and Water (receptivity) into action in all of the various contexts of their lives.

True Self

David appreciates the fact that clients may be widely divergent in their functioning across contexts, and so helps clients accept their difficulties in whatever areas they may exist, and then the healing is brought to those areas. That healing consists of acceptance, care for the problem (whether it needs assertive or receptive interaction from David), and then a sharing in the suffering (such as pain or fear) that is underneath the problem. The True Self or Original Self is thereby restored.