Earth Air Water Fire


I am grounding, my soil is of your bones, and you are renewed by me.
You are rooted by me, I help you feel secure, and I take your discharge.
I have secrets, there are worms beneath my surface, even water.
Some say they would get dirty in touching me, yet you eat my produce.
I am your skin and what is inside of it, the blood, the tendons, the bones.
I am in your hips which are either frozen, like winter, or awake.
When you move your body in space, I am your body, I am the moved.
There are many fields of corn, orchards of fruit, and grazing places.
I give and I receive. I am born, an I die. Beginnings and endings.
The Earth has a heartbeat. It may be called ‘Gaia’, the living Spirit.
I am one. The air touches me. Water moves around me.
Whatever is done to anything is done to me.
You can’t live without me. I have brought you here to live.
Treat me with love. I am like a mother, loving you, rocking you.
Feel yourself as being made of my straw, my worms, my twigs.
Know your body, know me, we are one.
Bodies have sensations, both at rest and in activity.
Let your chin touch the ground as your body goes below.
Down under, there are power animals. Drum and swim in the soil.
See who are your teachers. They have instructions for you.
I am rotating on my axis yet I do not cause any distraction.
I am revolving around the sun, yet we are close together, gravity.
Sit in my lap. Be like a corn stalk. Reach down, down, down.
I am here for you.


Come up to where I am, I am way up, way, way, up.
I offer you distance from the land, its troubles and sorrows.
I am spirit, pure spirit, I offer no resistance; fly through me.
I have stars in this galaxy and others, further than you can see.
I am the view from the top of the mountain, where the air is thin.
I am home to birds, and tall trees, your skyscrapers, and planes.
I am made up of very fast moving molecules, not solids nor liquids.
In your atmosphere I include oxygen; elsewhere I may not offer it.
I am the heavens, the dwelling place of God/Goddess in your studies.
I offer reprieve, if you have need a place of retreat from pain.
I am intuition, the inner sixth sense when you know something to be.
I am the place of your faith, your depth of committment to being as it is.
I am the place of hope and possibility, what has yet to be the case.
I offer you peace, freedom, movement, and perspective.
I am changeable, as when there are clouds congesting me.
I am penetrable, transparent, and a mediator for sound and energy.
I welcome you to my home, it is for you always to come to.
Come here to know new things free of the encumbrances of the world.
Peace, peace, peace, peace, the dead are all here, worms, people.
I want you to enter into me and dwell within me while you live on earth.
Come up for air.


Come, bathe in me.
I am cleansing, softening, and comforting.
I wipe out fire, I soften the earth, and moisten the air.
Truly, but gently, I am the most powerful.
I wear away rock; eventually it becomes just sand.
I am understanding; no problem is too great for me to cure.
Love, kindness, is the cure.
I can soak up your troubles.
The trails and tribulations of life are soluble in me.
I am able to make way for you; you can move through me easily.
I am receptive, then.
Your sore muscles are soothed by me.
You can float, letting all your troubles float way, on me.
It strengthens you to move yourself through me; you call it ‘swimming’.
I am used to clean floors, cabinets, cars, and your wounds.
I am the home of the fish, seaweed, and sharks.
Whales and dolphins, mammals like you, live in my bed.
I make up ninety-eight percent of you.
I am fluid.
I sparkle when light shines on me.
You have fun jumping in me, especially when you are young.
I offer you myself, for I am here for you.
Religious rituals utilize me.
Your tears come through me.


I am fire, I burn through things, I am strong.
Your arm moving forward with a fist,
I am assertion.
I ask for what I want, I know what I want.
My power comes from my mind.
What I will, becomes through me.
Water may tame me, but only if there is enough of it.
Know yourself, your truth.
Come by me, and keep warm.
If you get too close, you will lose your water; I will dry you out.
Without the sun’s hot fire you could not stand.
But I will burn you if you are not careful.
Unchecked, I rage, murder, and hurt folks.
I can be a piercing thought that cuts through your denial.
I can be a glaring look that gets past your superficiality.
I must consume oxygen to survive.
I come down off the volcanoes that erupt; I am a lava flow.
I am a candle, giving you light where there is darkness.
On birthdays, you make a wish by acknowleding your power over me.
When stars are out you make wishes, swearing by my mightiness.
You must manage me carefully, or I become your wildfire.
Come and receive a burning of your karma (leftover inner junk).
I will heal you.